concept of "Acchi Cocchi Bacchi"
Acchi Cocchi means "you can go to anywhere you want!"
I make those for praying "You can feel traveling and free with those object",
and hope can be friends with people with and fly to your world......
those might be your 'passports','smiling','rouge' and 'perfume', also a little "sexy".
It's a concept of those pieces.

I try to express 'Elation', 'Anacatesthesia' and 'loneliness feeling' in traveling also.
Hope you would love those and may your traveling continue from anyplace you are!

Guatemara, Thailand, China, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Spain, Denmark......more,
I use lots of precious things from all over the world.
All works are made by hands and all materiales are "once-in-a-lifetime encounter".